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Roots in the Prairie Dust
by Maxine Wambach Melton

My childhood memories of the Depression Years in Eastern Montana


Montana Angus Auxiliary's 
50th Anniversary Book

Honoring Angus Women
Montana Angus Auxiliary history
Members’ photos and stories 
from 1960 through 2010

books 08

Pride of Judith Cookbook
Hobson Centennial

Featuring community recipes,
stories, pictures and reminiscing
with original illustrations

books 09

Nineteen Wheels
by Jack Kelsh

The professional driver’s amateur workout and guide to healthy living on the road

books 10

Danny Goes to the Doctor
Written and illustrated by
Kristen Mantooth • Miss Montana 2007


books 11

Lone Wolf in the Promised Land
by Samuel K. Phillips, Jr.

An 1880’s Oddyssey
Thru Montana Territory

books 16

Fallen Branches on Montana Soil
by Samuel K. Phillips, Jr.


books 17

Goin’ to ‘Dusky
by Shirley Gillespie


books 18

Tex the Blind Cow Dog
by Sarah Stevenson

A collection of true stories
about many amazing animals

books 19

From the Shellrock
to the Highwoods

by Leroy Strand

Biographies, history, and a
collection of interesting incidents

books 24

Moore Community
Centennial Cookbook
Moore Women’s Club


books 25

Moore Centennial
History Book
Moore Reunion Committee


books 26

Welcome to Hobson
Pride of Judith

Hobson Women’s Club

History of Hobson and surrounding areas

books 27

Hobson High - 1918-1998

A summary of school history,
graduates, faculty, achievements
and activities

books 32

A Little Bit of Joe
Written and illustrated by Arlene E. Turk

Wonderful heart warming
story of an extraordinary horse

books 33

Written and illustrated by Arlene E. Turk

A true story told through
the eyes of an orphaned horse

books 34

Mariah’s Friends
Written and illustrated by Arlene E. Turk

Sequel to the book “Mariah.”
Story of how her life progresses
on a ranch in Central Montana

books 35

1879 Metis Trek to the Judith Basin
by Mary Jean Golden


books 40

Nailing Down Montana
by Mary Jean Golden

Short Sketches and Poetry

books 41

by Mary Jean Golden


books 42

Sharing Our Favorites Cookbook
Judith Gap Booster Club

Sold Out
A collection of well-tasted
favorite recipes


A Tree Firmly Planted 


A Tree Firmly Planted
by Maxine Wambach Melton

A Tribute to Mary Wambach
A sequel to “Roots in the Prairie Dust





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