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Sale Books - the Catalog Process

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CatalogPage10Our cattle sale book production process is second to none in efficiency, ease, quality and dedication.

Much of our work has accompanied you to sales and crossed your desk. Call or stop in for details on catalogs, our specialty.

The Catalog Calendar mailing is planned three weeks prior to sale day unless requested otherwise. From that three week mark, we plan how long the catalog will be in production, start to finish, and what else will be in house at that time. Each ranch is given an “info in” deadline to maintain that schedule, with great respect by us and the other ranchers that are affected if things get off schedule! That’s a busy time of year for us, and we know it is for you, too.

Paper Order Based on rough page counts, quantity and paper desired for each catalog, paper is ordered for the season. Press size sheets are brought in on skids. Catalogs alone annually use 650,000 sheets of paper; that’s 44,000 lbs — nearly a pot-load!

Our ranchers are given a Ballyhoo Binder to serve as a reference tool assisting in making the preparation and proofing process as simple, easy and accurate as possible. It outlines everything from data preparation, picture details, sending us data, layout, mailing information and even tips for proofing the catalog. How many challenging things in life do we get an instruction manual and check list for?!?

Animal Information is taken directly from the ranch’s data management program or downloaded from the breed association. This eliminates typing errors in pedigrees and numbers, allows the ranch to supply complete info and makes catalog proofing easier than ever. This also speeds the process along, allowing us to get you a proof even quicker.

Catalog Layout is customized for each ranch — you know what you need to tell people and what your customers are looking for! We strive to achieve promotions that completely reflect you and your operation.

Dropbox is one of our "favorite things!!” May sound nerdy to have a computer app as a favorite thing, but Dropbox is very cool and makes things so wonderfully easy. Dropbox is an internet based “folder” system that will behave just like any other folder on your desktop that you can drop files into or take files from. The only difference is we both have access to that folder. (Only that folder, not each other’s entire computer.) You put your pictures, data and information in for us to get and we can then return proofs to you in the same manner. This will make organization easier for both of us, eliminates e-mailing millions of files back and forth as well as challenges with larger files.

Proofing is done via e-mail and Dropbox. We send you an Acrobat file (pdf) that you print and put in your binder, following the proofing instructions and tips. Any changes are made and as soon as we get your “go-ahead” the catalog is put on the press.

The catalog is sent to the back for Printing and Bindery. Aluminum plates are made, the pages are printed on 19” x 25” sheets, cover printed on another press, pages folded down after drying overnight, they’re bound and trimmed. Sounds quick and easy, huh? The crew certainly can make it seem that way! Believe me though, there’s more to catalog production than just pushing a button!

Final step is getting the catalogs where they belong — in your customer’s hands! Catalogs are Mailed from Ballyhoo using your mailing list, saving additional shipping time and cost. Mailing lists are certified, addresses and bar codes printed on each piece, catalogs are bundled, put in their respective tubs and entered into the postal system. Phew! The balance of the catalogs are shipped to the ranch.

Okay, we’re not quite done. How about the Website? Following proofing, the catalog is placed on our site, and sent to your webmaster to be posted on yours, all as part of the complete service package!

Today we want you to know us beyond that!

Consistency in marketing is important for customer recognition. We can take care of your advertising, inserts, postcards, catalog, invoices, block tickets . . . Why reinvent the wheel every time you need a marketing piece?

Your project is never out of our hands — from you sending data, to the final delivery to the post office, we are in constant control of production, quality and timing.

Doing your own design and need a print house? We accept print ready files and will bring your work to life, or at least to paper!

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